A Conversation With Matthew Adam Smith – Director of Marketplace Strategy & Business Development, Walmart eCommerce

Check out my conversation with Matthew Adam Smith, Director of Marketplace Strategy & Business Development, with Walmart eCommerce.


About Matthew Adam Smith
Matthew Adam Smith joined Walmart in 2019 to launch the company’s retail media network—Walmart Connect. Since 2021 he has led Marketplace Strategy & Business Development, and Marketplace Community engagement, for Walmart eCommerce–driving new seller acquisition to scale the assortment of products available to Customers on Walmart.com. Prior to Walmart, Matthew was a veteran sales and marketing leader of “disruptor” media brands including Men’s Health, WIRED, Fast Company and Dr. Oz.


About Walmart Marketplace
Walmart Marketplace is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the world–helping sellers from start-ups to large enterprises diversify their channel strategy and meaningfully grow sales by selling directly on Walmart.com in the U.S. and a growing list of international markets.


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