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Winning With Walmart

Helping Teams Succeed In Partnership With The World's Most Important Retailer

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Walmart has built a reputation among its suppliers over decades for being both very tough and very dependable as partners.

Their buyers are relentless negotiators, looking for any and every opportunity to save their shoppers money, so they can live better.

But once terms are reached, you can almost always count on Walmart to come through on their end of the deal.

Too many companies (brands, sellers, and service providers) approach their relationship with Walmart as a zero-sum game, where there has to be both a winner and a loser.

But the most successful teams are those who approach the relationship focusing on collaboration, partnership, and mutual wins.

Having spent more than 30 years working with Walmart and many of its most successful supplier teams, I’d love to help you connect with the experts, training, and solutions you need to Win With Walmart.

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